Go Pro Note #10 – Just Tweak It












By David Huffman
Strategic Marketing Manager
Ohio Center for Broadcasting

Cue guitar riff:  da, da, da, dada, dadadadda.  “Just tweak iiiit…tweak iiit, no one wants to be defeated!” 

Sorry, first I just noticed that you can’t really type a melody and secondly the M.J. reference is kind of lame.  Onward we go…

Ever found yourself just kind of stuck with something?  Maybe it’s a clever promotion that didn’t quite pan out or maybe a segment on your show that you thought would be completely hilarious.  How about a bit that was hilarious but has become dry and boring?

Tweak it.

I’ll button my suit up for a second here and drop some serious knowledge.  Kind of…  In Malcom Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point, he discussed that most  massively popular goods or services do not usually take off until a very minor tweak in their design or their message caused them to “tip.”  And by “tip” he means fall over into massive popularity.

In other words, just because something doesn’t work initially doesn’t always mean it wasn’t a great idea.  You may have just missed one or two pieces of the puzzle.

Blues music, as great as I think it is, didn’t gain tremendous popularity until someone came along with an electric guitar and a Pop song structure.  Two small tweaks overall.

Some bios suggest that Jerry Springer’s show didn’t take off until they came upon the realization that people LOVED the fights and the drama.  A couple tweaks here and there to showcase those elements more and BAM…superstar.

If you have the time, read Malcom Gladwell’s the Tipping Point.  No use in me reinventing the wheel here.  Just remember:  Before you scrap it, tweak it.  Then tweak it again.

Dave Huffman is the Strategic Marketing Manager for the Ohio Center for Broadcasting.  He can play a banjo. 

Ohio Center for Broadcasting



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